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ANPR – Number Plate Recognition

Whether you are looking to secure your city, your building, understand customer behaivours or market your business, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can be used to enhance the safety and security, business operations and marketing capability of your organization.

Zenith ANPR technology has the ability to easily identify and track vehicles automatically, with instant correlation and cross-referencing of license plates ensuring that appropraite action can be taken quickly and confidently.

When integrated with Zenith Command and Control, Zenith ANPR provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that encompasses every aspect of vehicle recognition and tracking, together with advanced recording, retrieval, and analytical capabilities

With both fixed and mobile ANPR deployments Zenith is able to meet all of your ANPR requirements.

  • Fixed and Mobile applications
  • Able to support international number plates including the Middle East
  • Supports colour recognition
  • Real-time database matching of vehicles
  • Works across multiple lanes of traffic
  • Capable of recognizing license plates at 100+ MPH / 160+ KMH
  • Covert and Overt installations available
  • Suppports access control and parking management systems
  • Day and night operation
  • Full search and retrieve functionality
  • Highly secure storage and access to data and video
  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Smartphone App available

Intelligent core technologies

Zenith ANPR combines multiple state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques to provide much greater tolerance for matching poorly defined characters. As a result, you can identify and track vehicles entirely automatically.

Leveraging Zenith’s core technologies a number of ANPR implementation have been developed.

Zenith Intelligent Lightbar

Zenith has developed the world first intelligent Lightbar incorporating multiple ANPR and surveillance cameras to provide permanent 360 degree coverage around a vehicle whilst also incorporating 360 HD video surveillance. Developed in conjunction with one of the world’s most respected police departments, the Zenith Intelligent Lightbar provides modern police forces with the ability to identify wanted vehicles across an entire fleet of police patrol cars whilst maintaining a discreet design, with the cameras integrated into the Intellgient Lightbar design.
For further information visit the Zenith Intelligent Lightbar page

Zenith Mobile ANPR Solution

Zenith Mobile ANPR Solution is one of the world's leading ANPR systems, custom engineered to suit any environmental conditions and any number of vehicles, with central management and real-time updating of watchlists to vehicles in the field. The solution is able to be mounted on moving vehicles including cars, vans and motorcyles and is able to read number plates at high speeds exceeding 160 KM/H both ay and night. Installations can be covert using cameras inside the vehicle or mounted using a range of cameras on any vehicle to capture number plates on the move.

Zenith Fixed ANPR Solution

Zenith Fixed ANPR Technology can easily identify and track vehicles through various implementations ranging from road-side systems covering multiple lanes to access control or parking management. Zenith fixed ANPR is used at a stationery sites where vehicles will pass-by and plate numbers are captured and analyzed and sent to a central location for integration into larger ANPR systems or processed at the site for access control or parking management.

Zenith Smart Phone ANPR App

Zenith has developed a cutting edge Mobile ANPR App, tailor made to meet law enforcement and traffic and parking management requirements. The Zenith Smart Phone App puts the power of the Zenith ANPR system into the hands of personnel on the street and enables real-time identification of wanted vehicles and the ability to capture plate numbers at the scene of an incident.


Customized Solutions

If you have a specific operational requirement for mobile ANPR/ALPR or surveillance Zenith can design a customized solution to meet your needs.