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Corporate Overview

Founded in Melbourne, Australia and with a dual focus on Australasia and the Middle East region, Zenith works with governments, law enforcement agencies and private clients to integrate their security, Big Data and marketing requirements into meaningful solutions to enable advanced situational awareness, management and response capability.

Our customers face a challenging information environment where decision making relies on an ever growing range of information sources, both structured and un-structured. They require more than a traditional systems integrator, they require a company that can work across traditional security and IT platforms, manage their growing requirement for understanding and leveraging Big Data, integrate information from multiple systems and sources, and provide them with advanced Information Management platforms to effectively meet their complex strategic and organizational challenges.

At the core of our customer’s requirements is the need to have a solutions provider that has the ability to generate, understand, develop meaningful relationships across, and provide tools to manage, the ever growing array of structured and unstructured data available to them, including large online and offline data repositories, security and life safety systems, video analytics, Face and Licence Plate recognition, Broadcast and Social media, location and mapping data, email, video, audio, text and web pages.

Zenith is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements, being able to combine a deep understanding of our customer’s unique individual and regional requirements, with our partnerships with the world’s leading security and Big Data technology providers, along with our advanced in-house engineering and development capability enabling us to provide integrated and practical customised solutions.