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Big Data is a relatively new term but something that Zenith has been working with for over a decade through our partnership with HP’s Big Data platforms. In the security world it is particularly relevant as our customers seek to leverage and better manage both their existing security infrastructure and data repositories and the ever growing sources of structured and unstructured digital information, both self-generated and from Open Source Information such as broadcast television, websites and social media.

Structured vs Unstructured Data

Unstructured data, human information—such as social media, video, audio, email and free text—is an incredibly rich source of information that contains diverse insights such as sentiment, risks and threats to a government or individual, and even hidden activities of criminals, terrorists, and hackers. It is estimated that 90 percent of all digital information generated is unstructured.

Structured and semi-structured data, stored in traditional databases and data repositories, continues to provide a vital role. With the constantly growing volume of data traditional data warehouses are no longer able to manage the sheer volume and speed of data.

Zenith partners with HP Big Data, the global leader in managing all data types, unstructured, semi-structured and structured – whatever the volume and whatever the data source and type. HP’s Big Data portfolio combined with Zenith’s extensive system integration and software development capability provides a diverse range of solutions to support all government and organisations with their security and operational requirements.

Data Fusion

True security requires a complete picture and full understanding of all data sources. Intelligence information resides in diverse formats and comes from diverse sources. The ability of a human operator to interpret and understanding these disparate information sources and types is tedious and not scalable. The use of technology to manage the real-time flow of information and intelligence is critical in today’s modern law enforcement and homeland security operators.

Zenith combines the multiple technologies of HP’s Big Data platforms and our diverse security and surveillance technologies to provide a complete picture, in real-time and retrospectively, providing users with a coherent intelligence picture, reducing analysts and operators workloads and enabling the discovery of the unknown unknowns.

As each organisations workflow and existing systems are different Zenith provides a flexible and consultative approach to developing a data fusion solution for each of our customers. Building in workflows and reporting, ensuring traceability of information and its access and ensuring the highest levels of scalability and security, Zenith can develop a solution for any data fusion requirement.


As an experienced physical security systems integrator Zenith can provide organisations with advanced physical security infrastructure for the protection of physical assets across a diverse range of sites. To elevate the implementation of security systems to provide a homeland security approach requires the next level of technology, the implementation of advanced Command and Control platforms for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and the integration and analysis of vast information resources, both structured and unstructured, to provide a comprehensive and unified view of Big Data related to the security of a nation or city.

In a recent whitepaper by Frost and Sullivan, Global Safe Cities Security, it was commented that there is an ever growing range of threats and challenges facing cities today. In the era of Big Data it is important for cities to have a strategy to ensure they can provide the best protection for their citizens in the most efficient and scalable ways.

With a myriad of challenges and opportunities Zenith is able to help. Whether it is managing the ever increasing number of security surveillance cameras deployed or providing a holistic view of a cities diverse security and data systems through a single integrated view, the challenges are as diverse as our customers.

Using HP’s Big Data platforms and Zeniths range of advanced security technologies Zenith is able to provide an IT driven, highly integrated solution that incorporates both information analysis and physical security management, leveraging existing systems and infrastructure and aligning new investments with the appropriate technologies for the future.

Download the Frost & Sullivan Global Safe Cities Security whitepaper to learn more about how integrated analytics can be used in your city.


Criminal investigation requires the sharing of information between multiple people, systems, organisations and departments, often under strict security requirements. It requires structured workflows and audit trails combined with advanced search capabilities to enable expert investigators access to the right information at the right time to enable them to connect the dots. Zenith has combined a range of technologies including Information Analytics, Enterprise Search, Knowledge Management, Media Intelligence, Video and audio analytics to create a highly customizable tool for Criminal Investigation requirements.

With our expertise in Big Data and Security Solutions and our understanding of the Middle East regional requirements for law enforcement, combined with our expert skills in working with content from various languages including Arabic and our ability to deliver English and Arabic language interfaces, Zenith is uniquely positioned to provide you with the right tools to conduct your investigations.

Even if you already have tools in place Zenith is able to enhance your effectiveness through our solutions, for example; the integration of multiple information sources, structured and unstructured, on-line and off-line, into a single searchable platform can greatly enhance your capability and provide faster turn around times in investigations.

As each law enforcement environment requirement is different please call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


PSIM - Physical Security Information Management

For large scale systems where multiple security technologies are deployed and workflow is of critical importance a Physical Security Information Management Platform (PSIM) is essential.

Zenith has partnered with a world leader in the development of PSIM platforms as a solution provider of their award winning PSIM platform with the system deployed to secure cities, critical resources and global commerce.

This solution sits at the heart of some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking security integration and business value initiatives in the world.

Zenith’s PSIM solution provides an independent platform to integrate, manage and maintain all your existing security systems and assets through a single Graphical User Interface (GUI). From Multiple CCTV, Access Control, Fire and Intruder Alarm systems to Building Management, Environmental Monitoring and Enterprise Systems – Zenith’s PSIM platform delivers complete visibility and control of your entire operation.

Key advantages:

  • Customisable Screen design and Processes.
  • Simplified role-based interfaces and permissions.
  • Ensures exact, consistent and measurable responses.
  • Reduced training overheads.
  • Manufacturer and device Independent integration.
  • Compliant policy and process driven responses.
  • Evidence building and audit.
  • Automated Response Management.
  • Highly Scalable, Secure and resilient.
  • Consolidated Alarm management and Prioritisation.
  • Event driven management and audit reports.
  • Access to live and recorded video independent of device and location.
  • Customisable or template GUI- graphics, video and audio.
  • Connects to ODBC compliant databases.
  • Integration with large scale visual display technologies.
  • Advanced crisis management capability.
  • Integration with voice, data and communication systems.
  • Customisable or template GUI- graphics, video and audio.
  • Dynamic Mapping.
  • Connects to ODBC compliant databases.
  • Hosting of third party applications Standard.
  • Windows Client-Server Architecture.

Zenith Command and Control

Zenith Command and Control, brings new visibility and intelligence to security and surveillance operations, streamlining processes and equipping you with the technology you need to safeguard public, private, and corporate assets and harness the true value of data at your fingertips. Designed for sites using Zenith’s core security technologies, integrating Zenith’s Video Surveillance, Video Analytics, ANPR and Face Recognition technologies into a single management platform, Zenith’s Command and Control puts you in control.

Key features

  • Command and control: Automates the capture, encoding, and indexing of video surveillance, automatic number plate and facial recognition with relevant data, reducing operational costs and allowing staff to dedicate efforts to higher-level work.
  • Open architecture: Compatible with all existing and new surveillance equipment and is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with other security products.
  • Fully scalable: Can support multiple sensors and cameras without degradation of performance.
  • Real-time alerts: The system monitors sensors in real-time to track incidents of interest and alert users.
  • Geospatial: The operator in the operation room will be able to see the location of assets and incidents of interest displayed on a Geospatial map enabling total situational awareness and rapid navigation to cameras of interest.
  • Reporting: Zenith Awareness Management Command & Control System has full reporting capabilities with advanced Video Information Surveillance Retrieval User Interface to have detailed information on all assets and events.
  • Automated alerts: incorporating a rules based approach to alarm generation, operators can be automatically alerted to incidents of interest via multiple methods including on screen alerts, audio alerts and email.

As an experienced security integrator with security consulting capabilities and with security at the heart of everything we do Zenith is able to provide you with fully integrated security systems including:

  • PSIM and Security Management Platform
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Parking Management
  • Locking and Barriers

Zenith Intelligent Scene Analysis System (iSAS) applies world leading video analytics to recorded and live video to generate meaningful information, helping to automate surveillance and enabling security operators to focus on activities that truly require attention from a security professional.

By anticipating and detecting potential threats or illegal actions—instantly and automatically— iSAS delivers comprehensive and highly effective video monitoring. The system automatically tracks and identifies objects, analyzes their behavior for events of interest and enables prioritization of alarms based on security level. The system can output analysis results in real time or archive them for retrospective video data mining.

iSAS offers an impressive range of features and can be configured to identify a range of events including:

  • Perimeter protection
  • Sterile zone monitoring
  • Directional alarms
  • Abandoned baggage
  • Illegally parked vehicles
  • Loitering
  • Wrong direction
  • Object removal
  • People and Vehicle Counting
  • Traffic monitoring for illegal behaviour
  • Colour and object identifiication
  • Colours can be monitored in conjunction with object detection to monitor signal lights such as traffic lights or rail crossing signals. The color duration and sequence can form part of the requirement for any event to occur.

Whether you are looking to secure your city, your building, understand customer behaivours or market your business, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can be used to enhance the safety and security, business operations and marketing capability of your organization.

Zenith ANPR technology has the ability to easily identify and track vehicles automatically, with instant correlation and cross-referencing of license plates ensuring that appropraite action can be taken quickly and confidently.

When integrated with Zenith Command and Control, Zenith ANPR provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that encompasses every aspect of vehicle recognition and tracking, together with advanced recording, retrieval, and analytical capabilities

With both fixed and mobile ANPR deployments Zenith is able to meet all of your ANPR requirements.

  • Fixed and Mobile applications
  • Able to support international number plates including the Middle East
  • Supports colour recognition
  • Real-time database matching of vehicles
  • Works across multiple lanes of traffic
  • Capable of recognizing license plates at 100+ MPH / 160+ KMH
  • Covert and Overt installations available
  • Suppports access control and parking management systems
  • Day and night operation
  • Full search and retrieve functionality
  • Highly secure storage and access to data and video
  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Smartphone App available

Intelligent core technologies

Zenith ANPR combines multiple state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques to provide much greater tolerance for matching poorly defined characters. As a result, you can identify and track vehicles entirely automatically.

Leveraging Zenith’s core technologies a number of ANPR implementation have been developed.

Zenith ANPR combines multiple state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques to provide much greater tolerance for matching poorly defined characters. As a result, you can identify and track vehicles entirely automatically.

Leveraging Zenith’s core technologies a number of ANPR implementation have been developed.

Zenith Intelligent Lightbar

Zenith has developed the world first intelligent Lightbar incorporating multiple ANPR and surveillance cameras to provide permanent 360 degree coverage around a vehicle whilst also incorporating 360 HD video surveillance. Developed in conjunction with one of the world’s most respected police departments, the Zenith Intelligent Lightbar provides modern police forces with the ability to identify wanted vehicles across an entire fleet of police patrol cars whilst maintaining a discreet design, with the cameras integrated into the Intellgient Lightbar design.

Zenith Mobile ANPR Solution

Zenith Mobile ANPR Solution is one of the world’s leading ANPR systems, custom engineered to suit any environmental conditions and any number of vehicles, with central management and real-time updating of watchlists to vehicles in the field. The solution is able to be mounted on moving vehicles including cars, vans and motorcyles and is able to read number plates at high speeds exceeding 160 KM/H both ay and night. Installations can be covert using cameras inside the vehicle or mounted using a range of cameras on any vehicle to capture number plates on the move.


Facial recognition technology has evolved significantly over recent years, moving the technology from science fiction to real-world reality. Wider proliferation of higher resolution cameras and lower cost computing power has also helped reduce the need to install new specific cameras to perform facial recognition. Also, there is a growing demand for using face recognition in helping analysts across multiple domains perform one-to-one person verification at border control stations, flagging individuals against watch lists, and to help marketers understand people behavior.

Zenith Face Recognition Technology is capable of detecting and identifying faces in real time and comparing against databases to specify the identity of the person detected. The system in employing the latest advanced three dimensional analysis to capture the most accurate and results whatever the application.

Key Features:

  • One to one, one to many and many to many identification
  • Review still images or video – live and recorded
  • Automatic enrolment
  • Age, gender, ethnicity, facial expression and analysis
  • Highly scalable supporting large databases
  • Mobile and fixed applications available
  • Working with high and low quality image sources

Zenith has extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining mobile video, audio and ANPR surveillance systems on fleets of vehicles, both visible and covert. The ability to take video surveillance on the road, to be able to gain visibility and evidence wherever a vehicle can go, provides law enforcement and emergency services with the ultimate security tool.

To be able to deploy a system that works across hundreds of vehicles simultaneously with live and recorded video and audio – in car and remotely, GPS location data, real-time number plate recognition, in car interfaces and full remote mangagement requires a combination of multiple technologies. Zenith has the experience and the technology to provide a robust and highly scalable solution for any situation.

  • Real time in car and remote viewing and audio
  • In car recording of video and audio
  • ANPR database updates and real-time capture
  • Communication over wifi/3G/LTE networks
  • Designed to manage the challenges of an in vehicle installation
  • In vehicle customized interfaces in English and Arabic
  • Centralised management and command and control

Available in both visible and covert formats, bodyworn surveillance enables law enforcement agencies and security personnel to record their interactions with the public, gather evidence at crime scenes and provide remote video to headquarters to provide full visibility from the field to central operations.

Available in record only, record and transmit for live remote viewing, and with audio options, bodyworn surveillance systems are able to be customized to meet your requirements.

  • Real time remote viewing and audio
  • In device recording of video and audio
  • Ability to run ANPR and Face Recognition on video
  • Communication over wifi/3G/LTE networks
  • Designed to manage the challenges of a mobile person
  • Centralised management and command and control

Parking is at the core of customer experience when visiting a venue. The ability to locate a car park, return to their vehicle and exit with ease can have a positive impact on both your customers experience and your revenues, both from parking and activities at the site. Zenith provides a fully integrated car parking solution all the way from the entry through to payment and departure with all the tools required to ensure a positive experience. Understanding your parking behavior is also key with advanced analytics and automated signage to report information to both customers and management in real time.

Whatever your car parking requirements zenith can provide you with a solution to meet your needs.

  • Providing a comprehensive parking guidance and management system
  • Central command and control
  • Automated parking guidance
  • ANPR entry and exit
  • Automatic Ticketing
  • Customer car location guidance
  • Rapid entry / exit
  • Parking capacity signage
  • Integrated with CCTV

Traffic monitoring and analysis, both on public roads and within private sites, such as shopping centres and car parks, can provide important operational and security information. Using advanced video analytics and additional sensors to identify and track vehicles through large sites can provide operators with important information on site capacity, traffic flows, peak and low periods and potential security issues such as abandoned vehicles, traffic jams and vehicles travelling in the wrong direction.

Real-time reporting and advanced analytics tools enable you to optimize your traffic management in real time and review historical behavior to predict future trends. Through the creation of automated alerts your operations team can deploy additional staff or traffic enforcement officers to manage an increase in traffic volumes and ensure better traffic flow.

For a safe city environment, monitoring traffic flow and managing potential safety hazards and stress levels of motorists is critical. Deployment of sensors and CCTV across key areas of the city can provide a centralized view of an entire city’s traffic flow in real-time and enable centralized co-ordination of assets in the field.

In addition to managing traffic flow it is also possible to detect and prosecute traffic violators through the use of video analytics and other sensors to capture video evidence and issue approporiate warnings or fines for offences.

Following the review of your sites and your traffic flow requirements Zenith can provide you with a proposal to optimize your traffic management solution.


Tracking of people for the purposes of counting, measuring travel time or understanding traffic flows can be achieved through the implementation of appropriate cameras and Pedestrian monitoring and analysis, both on through public spaces such as town centres and in private sites such as airports or shopping centres, can provide important operational and security information. Using advanced video analytics and additional sensors to identify and track people through large sites can provide operators with important information on site capacity, traffic flows, peak and low periods, traffic flow and potential security issues such as crowding, running and loitering.

Real-time reporting and advanced analytics tools enable you to optimize your site management in real time and review historical behavior to predict future trends. Through the creation of automated alerts your operations team can deploy additional staff or open and close temporary entry and exit points to manage an increase in pedestrian volumes and ensure better traffic flow.

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