Zenith Intelligent Lightbar

Zenith is an expert for both mobile and static
ANPR solutions

Zenith is an expert for both mobile and static ANPR solutions, providing law enforcement agencies with proven technology for their safe city initiatives.

Designed specifically for law enforcement agencies Zenith’s Intelligent Lightbar provides the most advanced solution in the market for integrated intelligence and surveillance all in a single design. Integrating a range of ANPR and surveillance cameras into a sleek modern design Lightbar, built to be mounted on any vehicle, the Zenith Intelligent Lightbar provides modern law enforcement agencies the capability to deploy a full range of intelligent analytics applications and local and remote video surveillance capability.

The system incorporates:

Typical applications include:

Multi-Lane mobile ANPR

Providing highly accurate ANPR recognition across three lanes in front and behind the vehicle while moving and stationary.

Car Park ANPR

Providing highly accurate ANPR recognition of parked vehicles enabling the automatic surveying of car parks and the side of roads for vehicles of interest.

360 degree video surveillance

Providing full 360 degree video surveillance for live in-car and remote viewing and the ability to record evidence quality video the Zenith Intelligent Lightbar is the ultimate in vehicle mounted video surveillance.

Zenith Command & Control

Designed to manage a fleet of vehicles across any number of locations, for both system management and security and surveillance, Zenith’s Command and Control platform provides full management of all Intelligent Lightbars in the system.

  • Full video surveillance management of live and recorded video from remote locations.
  • Bi-directional, real-time updates of all in-vehicle ANPR databases and GPS location.
  • Automatic alerting to in vehicle operators and central command of any identified vehicles.
  • Mapping integration for real-time tracking and review of video and detected licence plates.
  • Full integration between in-vehicle Touch Screen interface, Zenith Command and Control and law enforcement databases for total data fusion.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Highly scalable – able to manage hundreds of vehicles simultaneously.

The Zenith Intelligent Lightbar is also built to enable integration into other Security and Video Management systems to ensure full integration of all the systems capabilities into your existing infrastructure.

Database integration

Zenith ANPR/ALPR provides full support for SQL database connectivity. License plates and associated metadata such as GPS co-ordinates can easily be added to the existing internal or external SQL database to enable automatic cross-referencing delivering instant plate matching across your information infrastructure.
Zenith has extensive experience in system integration and can work with you to extend the application of your ANPR/ALPR system across all facets of your organisation and systems.

Additional Analytics

Additional intelligent features are available to law enforcement agencies. Information can be provided upon request.

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