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Zenith delivers a comprehensive Web Content Management (WCM) platform that helps you build engaging experiences across the web, email, mobile, and print. Leveraging HP Autonomy’s TeamSite’s content management platform and analytics capabilities, Zenith can help you capture and analyse customer intelligence quickly and effectively so you can deliver compelling and personalized content to your customers.

Zenith WCM automates the entire process of managing content across all marketing channels, including websites, mobile platforms, rich Internet applications (RIAs), collaboration sites, and portals. From a single interface, you can author and target content, design websites, deploy applications, publish content to multiple channels, perform analytics, manage rich media, incorporate social media, and conduct multivariate testing.

With Zenith WCM you can:

  • Easily build sites without IT involvement using a simple WYSIWYG interface and reusable components
  • Optimize the visitor experience to increase conversions and sales revenue by capturing and analysing all customer interaction data, including clickstreams, social media, and online behaviour
  • Automatically deliver targeted content and site navigation to key customer segments
  • Administer all online marketing initiatives from a single interface—author and target content, design websites, deploy applications, publish content to multiple channels, perform analytics, manage rich media, incorporate social media, and conduct multivariate testing

Zenith leverages HP Autonomy’s Optimost marketing optimisation platform to enable your organisation’s marketers to optimise their online campaigns. Focus your resources on attracting the right prospects through efficient online advertising and natural search management, serve them optimised content to propel them to conversion, and develop new target segments based on the results to boost the bottom line, taking the guess work out of optimising online marketing campaigns With Zenith DMO, executing optimised campaigns is simple and profitable.

  • Improve the performance of online advertising campaigns through the comprehensive bid management and optimisation system.
  • Monitor campaign performance with a visually rich marketing dashboard and customisable reports to gain insight into actionable data.
  • Identify and proactively deliver to your visitors the most persuasive content for each segment, in real time, while automatically discovering and refining new segments based on behaviour.
  • Determine how customers feel or perceive a brand using sentiment analysis.
  • Improve natural search rank and optimise pages for higher customer conversion.
  • Use true Multivariate Testing (MVT) enabling you to test millions of content, design, layout, pricing, offers and recommendation variations and test relationships among elements to identify optimal combinations for any web page.

Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels, including your website, email, contact centre, storefronts, and social media. Zenith can provide you with a Business Discovery solution powered by HP Autonomy’s IDOL that allows your organisation to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of your customer interactions and relationships. The end results are critical business insights delivered in real time via a range of user interfaces and reporting tools to enable you to make sense of, test against and take action. Zenith Solution provides your organisation with:

  • Social media analytics: Aggregates data from hundreds of social media data sources to automatically identify emerging trends and prevailing sentiments to take action against.
  • Voice of the customer: Provides insights from data across every customer touch point, beyond surveys and focus groups, to include real-time call centre recordings, web activities, and social media chatter.
  • Customer feedback analytics: Allows you to understand the comments in surveys and other direct feedback, and sorts them by concepts.
  • Clickstream analytics: Allows you to see visitor behavioural analytics beyond the simple click counts and other predetermined success measures.
  • Speech analytics: Automatically organizes and understands customer conversations so that you can take advantage of the rich insights in phone conversations.
  • Sentiment Analysis. Determine the degree to which a sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral for the entire interaction or a segment of the interaction.
  • Hot and Breaking Topics: “Hot” clusters automatically detect burning topics across interactions. “Breaking” clusters alert users in real time to new areas of information or individual interest.
  • Automated Reports and Workflow: Automatic distribution of appropriate reports throughout the business, delivers relevant information about the customer base to departments or individuals to take action.

Given the almost immediate nature of social media and broadcast, and the global reach and impact of each, having the tools that can manage the scale of this critical Big Data source and provide you with meaningful insights and the ability to respond is critical for today’s marketer. Zenith provides your organisation with the most advanced Social Media and Broadcast solutions in the Middle East region and presents them to the users through user-friendly interfaces, including our new iPad application, designed for easy real-time visualisation of any trending concepts relevant to your organisation, market or region.


Zenith Rich Media Management delivers engaging rich media content by automatically tagging and organising product images, offers, promotions, video demonstrations, ads, and other digital assets in a single repository for ease of retrieval across geographically dispersed and local teams. This enables organisations to reduce costs by automating the production and distribution of media content that is properly branded and approved. Zenith uses HP Autonomys MediaBin platform to automatically extract key concepts found in rich media and automate critical processes such as meta-tagging and categorizing. Zenith RMM delves deep within the audio and video file itself to provide a highly-detailed, time-encoded, comprehensive range of searchable data.

You can increase productivity and consistency and lower management costs by only storing once and transforming your digital media assets on the fly. This capability allows you to only store the master high resolution core asset and supply appropriate quality versions to different users. For example, you can store one original high resolution video file and have it ready for download for use in a web page, on a smartphone, in a Powerpoint presentation, in an email, or in any other application, automatically.

Zenith RMM provides your organisation with:

  • Video, audio, and image analysis: Understand rich media files and cross- reference them with other forms of information without relying on metadata.
  • Single source of truth: Maintain brand equity and increase productivity by accessing single “core” assets from a centralised repository.
  • Rich media workflow: Configure and automate business processes to ingest, route, review, approve, email, notify, retrieve, and distribute assets with an integrated workflow engine.
  • Targeted asset distribution: Distribute transformed rich content to web, social, print, or mobile with rules-based scheduling.
  • Compliance and license management: Monitor, analyse, record, and archive assets, user interaction, distribution, and delivery to govern where, when, how, and who has access while enforcing governance and license policies.

Zenith’s powerful contact centre management solution enables supervisors to understand measure, improve, and track performance—managing all contact centre data through a centralized system. Call logging and intelligent archiving support your organisations compliance and quality monitoring strategies. Your users can monitor a wide range of metrics such as customer satisfaction levels, first-call resolution, handle times, and effective scheduling—all from a single interface. Tools such as performance assessments, workforce management, and real-time agent assistance allow you to improve.

  • Integrated, modular product suite: Call and screen recording, agent evaluation, real-time assistance, survey, training, and workforce management modules ensure that your business delivers true quality performance
  • Meaning-based approach: Strategic, actions based solution delivers a deep understanding of customers, competitors, and markets
  • Multichannel analytics: Gain customer and workforce insight through all interaction touchpoints regardless of form: phone call, email, chat, website visit, or social media chatter
  • Call logging or selective recording: Log and selectively record both voice and/or screens
  • Centralized evaluation and analysis: Drive contact center performance across all touch points
  • Real-time assistance: Improve first-call resolution and upsell/cross-sell results
  • Compliance: Maintain an unprecedented level of compliance for email, IM, chat, and audio recordings
  • Evaluations, surveys, and training: Get the feedback you need, delivered and synchronized with call recordings
  • Desktop analytics: Capture agent activity at the desktop to reveal how users interact with their desktop applications and to identify knowledge gaps and improve customer experience

Marketers have often relied on simple people counting techniques at entry and exit points to generate basic data about shoppers experience and conversion rates. With the technology available today Zenith can provide you with advanced solutions that give true insight into shoppers behavior and intentions.

Combining a mixture of tracking and analytic technologies ranging from video analytics, phone, wifi and Bluetooth tracking, face recognition and crowd behavior analytics, Zenith can provide you with real-time understanding of your customers and the impact of your marketing initiatives.

Systems can be implemented quickly with rapid return on investment once Zenith has discussed your marketing information requirements. Reporting and interpretation of data and the provision of meaningful insights is provided with Zenith’s advanced visualation tools and reports, tailored to your specific requirements.

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