Zenith has extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining mobile video, audio and ANPR surveillance systems on fleets of vehicles, both visible and covert. The ability to take video surveillance on the road, to be able to gain visibility and evidence wherever a vehicle can go, provides law enforcement and emergency services with the ultimate security tool.

To be able to deploy a system that works across hundreds of vehicles simultaneously with live and recorded video and audio – in car and remotely, GPS location data, real-time number plate recognition, in car interfaces and full remote mangagement requires a combination of multiple technologies. Zenith has the experience and the technology to provide a robust and highly scalable solution for any situation.

  • Real time in car and remote viewing and audio
  • In car recording of video and audio
  • ANPR database updates and real-time capture
  • Communication over wifi/3G/LTE networks
  • Designed to manage the challenges of an in vehicle installation
  • In vehicle customized interfaces in English and Arabic
  • Centralised management and command and control