Facial recognition technology has evolved significantly over recent years, moving the technology from science fiction to real-world reality. Wider proliferation of higher resolution cameras and lower cost computing power has also helped reduce the need to install new specific cameras to perform facial recognition. Also, there is a growing demand for using face recognition in helping analysts across multiple domains perform one-to-one person verification at border control stations, flagging individuals against watch lists, and to help marketers understand people behavior.

Zenith Face Recognition Technology is capable of detecting and identifying faces in real time and comparing against databases to specify the identity of the person detected. The system in employing the latest advanced three dimensional analysis to capture the most accurate and results whatever the application.

Key Features:

  • One to one, one to many and many to many identification
  • Review still images or video – live and recorded
  • Automatic enrolment
  • Age, gender, ethnicity, facial expression and analysis
  • Highly scalable supporting large databases
  • Mobile and fixed applications available
  • Working with high and low quality image sources