Zenith Intelligent Scene Analysis System (iSAS) applies world leading video analytics to recorded and live video to generate meaningful information, helping to automate surveillance and enabling security operators to focus on activities that truly require attention from a security professional.

By anticipating and detecting potential threats or illegal actions—instantly and automatically— iSAS delivers comprehensive and highly effective video monitoring. The system automatically tracks and identifies objects, analyzes their behavior for events of interest and enables prioritization of alarms based on security level. The system can output analysis results in real time or archive them for retrospective video data mining.

iSAS offers an impressive range of features and can be configured to identify a range of events including:

  • Perimeter protection
  • Sterile zone monitoring
  • Directional alarms
  • Abandoned baggage
  • Illegally parked vehicles
  • Loitering
  • Wrong direction
  • Object removal
  • People and Vehicle Counting
  • Traffic monitoring for illegal behaviour
  • Colour and object identifiication
  • Colours can be monitored in conjunction with object detection to monitor signal lights such as traffic lights or rail crossing signals. The color duration and sequence can form part of the requirement for any event to occur.