PSIM - Physical Security Information Management

For large scale systems where multiple security technologies are deployed and workflow is of critical importance a Physical Security Information Management Platform (PSIM) is essential.

Zenith has partnered with a world leader in the development of PSIM platforms as a solution provider of their award winning PSIM platform with the system deployed to secure cities, critical resources and global commerce.

This solution sits at the heart of some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking security integration and business value initiatives in the world.

Zenith’s PSIM solution provides an independent platform to integrate, manage and maintain all your existing security systems and assets through a single Graphical User Interface (GUI). From Multiple CCTV, Access Control, Fire and Intruder Alarm systems to Building Management, Environmental Monitoring and Enterprise Systems – Zenith’s PSIM platform delivers complete visibility and control of your entire operation.

Key advantages:

  • Customisable Screen design and Processes.
  • Simplified role-based interfaces and permissions.
  • Ensures exact, consistent and measurable responses.
  • Reduced training overheads.
  • Manufacturer and device Independent integration.
  • Compliant policy and process driven responses.
  • Evidence building and audit.
  • Automated Response Management.
  • Highly Scalable, Secure and resilient.
  • Consolidated Alarm management and Prioritisation.
  • Event driven management and audit reports.
  • Access to live and recorded video independent of device and location.
  • Customisable or template GUI- graphics, video and audio.
  • Connects to ODBC compliant databases.
  • Integration with large scale visual display technologies.
  • Advanced crisis management capability.
  • Integration with voice, data and communication systems.
  • Customisable or template GUI- graphics, video and audio.
  • Dynamic Mapping.
  • Connects to ODBC compliant databases.
  • Hosting of third party applications Standard.
  • Windows Client-Server Architecture.

Zenith Command and Control

Zenith Command and Control, brings new visibility and intelligence to security and surveillance operations, streamlining processes and equipping you with the technology you need to safeguard public, private, and corporate assets and harness the true value of data at your fingertips. Designed for sites using Zenith’s core security technologies, integrating Zenith’s Video Surveillance, Video Analytics, ANPR and Face Recognition technologies into a single management platform, Zenith’s Command and Control puts you in control.

Key features

  • Command and control: Automates the capture, encoding, and indexing of video surveillance, automatic number plate and facial recognition with relevant data, reducing operational costs and allowing staff to dedicate efforts to higher-level work.
  • Open architecture: Compatible with all existing and new surveillance equipment and is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with other security products.
  • Fully scalable: Can support multiple sensors and cameras without degradation of performance.
  • Real-time alerts: The system monitors sensors in real-time to track incidents of interest and alert users.
  • Geospatial: The operator in the operation room will be able to see the location of assets and incidents of interest displayed on a Geospatial map enabling total situational awareness and rapid navigation to cameras of interest.
  • Reporting: Zenith Awareness Management Command & Control System has full reporting capabilities with advanced Video Information Surveillance Retrieval User Interface to have detailed information on all assets and events.
  • Automated alerts: incorporating a rules based approach to alarm generation, operators can be automatically alerted to incidents of interest via multiple methods including on screen alerts, audio alerts and email.