Criminal investigation requires the sharing of information between multiple people, systems, organisations and departments, often under strict security requirements. It requires structured workflows and audit trails combined with advanced search capabilities to enable expert investigators access to the right information at the right time to enable them to connect the dots. Zenith has combined a range of technologies including Information Analytics, Enterprise Search, Knowledge Management, Media Intelligence, Video and audio analytics to create a highly customizable tool for Criminal Investigation requirements.

With our expertise in Big Data and Security Solutions and our understanding of the Middle East regional requirements for law enforcement, combined with our expert skills in working with content from various languages including Arabic and our ability to deliver English and Arabic language interfaces, Zenith is uniquely positioned to provide you with the right tools to conduct your investigations.

Even if you already have tools in place Zenith is able to enhance your effectiveness through our solutions, for example; the integration of multiple information sources, structured and unstructured, on-line and off-line, into a single searchable platform can greatly enhance your capability and provide faster turn around times in investigations.

As each law enforcement environment requirement is different please call us to discuss your requirements in more detail.