Traffic monitoring and analysis, both on public roads and within private sites, such as shopping centres and car parks, can provide important operational and security information. Using advanced video analytics and additional sensors to identify and track vehicles through large sites can provide operators with important information on site capacity, traffic flows, peak and low periods and potential security issues such as abandoned vehicles, traffic jams and vehicles travelling in the wrong direction.

Real-time reporting and advanced analytics tools enable you to optimize your traffic management in real time and review historical behavior to predict future trends. Through the creation of automated alerts your operations team can deploy additional staff or traffic enforcement officers to manage an increase in traffic volumes and ensure better traffic flow.

For a safe city environment, monitoring traffic flow and managing potential safety hazards and stress levels of motorists is critical. Deployment of sensors and CCTV across key areas of the city can provide a centralized view of an entire city’s traffic flow in real-time and enable centralized co-ordination of assets in the field.

In addition to managing traffic flow it is also possible to detect and prosecute traffic violators through the use of video analytics and other sensors to capture video evidence and issue approporiate warnings or fines for offences.

Following the review of your sites and your traffic flow requirements Zenith can provide you with a proposal to optimize your traffic management solution.