Parking is at the core of customer experience when visiting a venue. The ability to locate a car park, return to their vehicle and exit with ease can have a positive impact on both your customers experience and your revenues, both from parking and activities at the site. Zenith provides a fully integrated car parking solution all the way from the entry through to payment and departure with all the tools required to ensure a positive experience. Understanding your parking behavior is also key with advanced analytics and automated signage to report information to both customers and management in real time.

Whatever your car parking requirements zenith can provide you with a solution to meet your needs.

  • Providing a comprehensive parking guidance and management system
  • Central command and control
  • Automated parking guidance
  • ANPR entry and exit
  • Automatic Ticketing
  • Customer car location guidance
  • Rapid entry / exit
  • Parking capacity signage
  • Integrated with CCTV