For large scale data set analysis Zenith leverages HP’s Vertica Analytics Platform, an affordable, limitlessly scalable analytics platform, that includes a DBMS architecture that scales with your data. It provides real-time query performance for hundreds of gigabytes of data to hundreds of terabytes of data and keeps up when end-user requirements change rapidly.

Benchmarks show that HP Vertica Analytics Platform can run 20-to-100 times faster than traditional DBMS and data warehouse appliances.

HP Vertica Analytics Platform runs on commodity hardware. And with a flexible pricing model Zenith customers can deploy large-scale query-intensive databases for a fraction of the cost of traditional data management solutions. If you have data warehouse or need to set one up for gaining a real time understanding of your terabytes of data contact Zenith to discuss your requirements.

  • Faster query performance
  • Store Data in significantly less table space
  • High performance and high availability
  • High efficiency with recovery by query
  • Massive scalability
  • Low cost of administration
  • Open architecture