Zenith Rich Media Management delivers engaging rich media content by automatically tagging and organising product images, offers, promotions, video demonstrations, ads, and other digital assets in a single repository for ease of retrieval across geographically dispersed and local teams. This enables organisations to reduce costs by automating the production and distribution of media content that is properly branded and approved. Zenith uses HP Autonomys MediaBin platform to automatically extract key concepts found in rich media and automate critical processes such as meta-tagging and categorizing. Zenith RMM delves deep within the audio and video file itself to provide a highly-detailed, time-encoded, comprehensive range of searchable data.

You can increase productivity and consistency and lower management costs by only storing once and transforming your digital media assets on the fly. This capability allows you to only store the master high resolution core asset and supply appropriate quality versions to different users. For example, you can store one original high resolution video file and have it ready for download for use in a web page, on a smartphone, in a Powerpoint presentation, in an email, or in any other application, automatically.

Zenith RMM provides your organisation with:

  • Video, audio, and image analysis: Understand rich media files and cross- reference them with other forms of information without relying on metadata.
  • Single source of truth: Maintain brand equity and increase productivity by accessing single “core” assets from a centralised repository.
  • Rich media workflow: Configure and automate business processes to ingest, route, review, approve, email, notify, retrieve, and distribute assets with an integrated workflow engine.
  • Targeted asset distribution: Distribute transformed rich content to web, social, print, or mobile with rules-based scheduling.
  • Compliance and license management: Monitor, analyse, record, and archive assets, user interaction, distribution, and delivery to govern where, when, how, and who has access while enforcing governance and license policies.