Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels, including your website, email, contact centre, storefronts, and social media. Zenith can provide you with a Business Discovery solution powered by HP Autonomy’s IDOL that allows your organisation to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of your customer interactions and relationships. The end results are critical business insights delivered in real time via a range of user interfaces and reporting tools to enable you to make sense of, test against and take action. Zenith Solution provides your organisation with:

  • Social media analytics: Aggregates data from hundreds of social media data sources to automatically identify emerging trends and prevailing sentiments to take action against.
  • Voice of the customer: Provides insights from data across every customer touch point, beyond surveys and focus groups, to include real-time call centre recordings, web activities, and social media chatter.
  • Customer feedback analytics: Allows you to understand the comments in surveys and other direct feedback, and sorts them by concepts.
  • Clickstream analytics: Allows you to see visitor behavioural analytics beyond the simple click counts and other predetermined success measures.
  • Speech analytics: Automatically organizes and understands customer conversations so that you can take advantage of the rich insights in phone conversations.
  • Sentiment Analysis. Determine the degree to which a sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral for the entire interaction or a segment of the interaction.
  • Hot and Breaking Topics: “Hot” clusters automatically detect burning topics across interactions. “Breaking” clusters alert users in real time to new areas of information or individual interest.
  • Automated Reports and Workflow: Automatic distribution of appropriate reports throughout the business, delivers relevant information about the customer base to departments or individuals to take action.

Given the almost immediate nature of social media and broadcast, and the global reach and impact of each, having the tools that can manage the scale of this critical Big Data source and provide you with meaningful insights and the ability to respond is critical for today’s marketer. Zenith provides your organisation with the most advanced Social Media and Broadcast solutions in the Middle East region and presents them to the users through user-friendly interfaces, including our new iPad application, designed for easy real-time visualisation of any trending concepts relevant to your organisation, market or region.