Zenith leverages HP Autonomy’s Optimost marketing optimisation platform to enable your organisation’s marketers to optimise their online campaigns. Focus your resources on attracting the right prospects through efficient online advertising and natural search management, serve them optimised content to propel them to conversion, and develop new target segments based on the results to boost the bottom line, taking the guess work out of optimising online marketing campaigns With Zenith DMO, executing optimised campaigns is simple and profitable.

  • Improve the performance of online advertising campaigns through the comprehensive bid management and optimisation system.
  • Monitor campaign performance with a visually rich marketing dashboard and customisable reports to gain insight into actionable data.
  • Identify and proactively deliver to your visitors the most persuasive content for each segment, in real time, while automatically discovering and refining new segments based on behaviour.
  • Determine how customers feel or perceive a brand using sentiment analysis.
  • Improve natural search rank and optimise pages for higher customer conversion.
  • Use true Multivariate Testing (MVT) enabling you to test millions of content, design, layout, pricing, offers and recommendation variations and test relationships among elements to identify optimal combinations for any web page.