As an experienced physical security systems integrator Zenith can provide organisations with advanced physical security infrastructure for the protection of physical assets across a diverse range of sites. To elevate the implementation of security systems to provide a homeland security approach requires the next level of technology, the implementation of advanced Command and Control platforms for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and the integration and analysis of vast information resources, both structured and unstructured, to provide a comprehensive and unified view of Big Data related to the security of a nation or city.

In a recent whitepaper by Frost and Sullivan, Global Safe Cities Security, it was commented that there is an ever growing range of threats and challenges facing cities today. In the era of Big Data it is important for cities to have a strategy to ensure they can provide the best protection for their citizens in the most efficient and scalable ways.

With a myriad of challenges and opportunities Zenith is able to help. Whether it is managing the ever increasing number of security surveillance cameras deployed or providing a holistic view of a cities diverse security and data systems through a single integrated view, the challenges are as diverse as our customers.

Using HP’s Big Data platforms and Zeniths range of advanced security technologies Zenith is able to provide an IT driven, highly integrated solution that incorporates both information analysis and physical security management, leveraging existing systems and infrastructure and aligning new investments with the appropriate technologies for the future.

Download the Frost & Sullivan Global Safe Cities Security whitepaper to learn more about how integrated analytics can be used in your city.