While the traditional broadcast media monitoring requirement has grown to include online video sources, the world of Big Data continues to grow and provide even more sources of unstructured data that can provide meaningful and actionable intelligence in real-time if an organization is able to gain access to it in an automated and scalable way.

The exponential growth of social media platforms and open source media such as websites, forums, blogs and chat rooms, has created an enormous number new data sources and created new political and social risks for governments and organisations. Our customers and their employees now live in this world – a world of emails, blogs, video, social networking sites, and call center conversations – rather than one in which data is squirreled away in rigid structured databases. This is the future of information computing, and represents a fundamental shift in how organisations and people interact with information.

The ability to track and analyse open and social media activities and sentiment can provide situational awareness for public events, security issues, criminal activities and emergency situations. Combined with the ability to search and review historical data this can provide powerful information for decision makers to enable appropriate response and incident management.

To achieve this in a practical and useful way requires a fundamentally different approach, where meaning and context can be derived from these data sources and turned into actionable intelligence in real-time.

Zenith provides a Real-Time, language independent approach to these data sources. We consolidate all open source and social media interactions into a single platform, providing the most recent, relevant and actionable open source information and analysing it to enable our customers to enhance situational awareness through the identification of patterns and valuable insights across all channels and automatic notification of any emergent situations.

  • Emerging Trends and Influencers: Detect emerging trends and influencers in this powerful media with sophisticated sentiment analysis and clustering technology.
  • Monitoring and review: Comprehensive monitoring, capture and review across thousands of open and social media sources.
  • Advanced analysis: Using patented pattern-matching technology, quickly identify and search based on meaning. Identify and measure issues and trends in real-time, regardless of volume.
  • True sentiments: Automated measuring sentiment of groups, whole sites or even complete media sets, instead of relying on pre-determined rule sets.
  • Ease of use: An intuitive interface with a customizable Command Center and visual representation of large data sets in meaningful
  • Efficiency: Automated processes and streamlined workflows
  • PSIM integration: integration into Zenith’s PSIM solutions for full operational management workflow creation.