Traditional broadcast media (Television and Radio), and the exponentially growing number of online video and audio sources, provide customers with access to a real-time information source for emerging situations and public and customer sentiment and the ability to develop a searchable archive of video and audio over any time period. To deliver actionable intelligence from these sources Zenith provides fully automated, multi-lingual broadcast media monitoring and archiving across hundreds of sources in real-time with real-time transcription and translation of all available audio and on-screen text sources in over 30 languages including Arabic. The solution provides an easy to use interface for the different operator tasks to support.

  • Speech to Text: Speaker independent text transcription generated in real-time across 30+ languages
  • Speaker Identification: Matches speakers from pre-trained library
  • Audio Segmentation: Identifies speech and non-speech segments
  • Machine Translation: Automatically perform translation from source language to preferred language helping analysts work across multiple language sources.
  • Face Recognition: Identify faces from a pre-trained library
  • On-Screen OCR: extract on-screen textual information from the video
  • Easy search and analysis: Intuitive interface for management of large number of sources enabling live viewing, playback and transcript presentation
  • Easy production of assets: Video clip extraction and transcripts and translations