Virtually every organization is suffering from a deluge of data. For most firms, data is increasing by over 100 percent every quarter. While some of this resides in structured databases, a vast majority exists in files, web streams, audio, video, email, social media conversations, mobile interactions, images, and other unstructured data formats.

Zenith provides customers with the ability to access and understand virtually all of their structured and unstructured information assets across their organisation, including databases, documents, audio, video and social media, in a large range of languages, including Arabic, without knowing exactly where the information exists. Enterprise search and knowledge management is different from web search, it requires secure access to multiple repositories, file formats, data, and content and needs to work across multiple user types.

Our advanced search solution uses multiple search models to help you significantly improve the speed, accuracy, and completeness of your search and is easy-to-use, adding the necessary human touch by allowing you to quickly find information based on concepts and context, yielding more relevant results.

  • Understand virtually all of your information with high-performance analytics: Over 500 analytical functions available for text, audio, video, and image
  • Derive actionable insights: Process data in near real time to ensure meaningful and up-to-date intelligence information
  • Maximize your information reach: Connect to over 400 systems with support for over 1000 file formats, so you can find all relevant information
  • Full system compatibility: Benefit from a cross-platform solution that supports all major operating systems.
  • Achieve big data scalability and security: Implementing technologies that have a track record of supporting the largest enterprises in volume of information, number of users, and frequency of transactions while adhering to strict security standards
  • Language independence: Leverage pattern-matching technology that is fundamentally language independent.