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Big Data is a relatively new term but something that Zenith has been working with for over a decade through our partnership with HP’s Big Data platforms. In the security world it is particularly relevant as our customers seek to leverage and better manage both their existing security infrastructure and data repositories and the ever growing sources of structured and unstructured digital information, both self-generated and from Open Source Information such as broadcast television, websites and social media.

Structured vs Unstructured Data

Unstructured data, human information—such as social media, video, audio, email and free text—is an incredibly rich source of information that contains diverse insights such as sentiment, risks and threats to a government or individual, and even hidden activities of criminals, terrorists, and hackers. It is estimated that 90 percent of all digital information generated is unstructured.

Structured and semi-structured data, stored in traditional databases and data repositories, continues to provide a vital role. With the constantly growing volume of data traditional data warehouses are no longer able to manage the sheer volume and speed of data.

Zenith partners with HP Big Data, the global leader in managing all data types, unstructured, semi-structured and structured – whatever the volume and whatever the data source and type. HP’s Big Data portfolio combined with Zenith’s extensive system integration and software development capability provides a diverse range of solutions to support all government and organisations with their security and operational requirements. Big Data provides organisations with vast opportunities to leverage their data if they implement the right solutions. Zenith can provide you with the tools to analyse large volumes of data to uncover hidden patterns, hidden patterns, The ability to understand diverse data gives you a 360-degree view of the vital intelligence needed to drive sound decisions and actions and enables you to work faster and more efficiently. The ability to tame and extract value from all forms of information in real time at scale allows you to improve efficiency, reduce risk, increase revenue opportunities, and lower costs. Big Data Analytics removes the irrelevant noise that comprises so much of digital content and presents you with relevant data that is actionable.

Zenith can extract key concepts and context in information, and increases the value of data by finding relationships, trends, and issues as they develop. We help you solve a wide range of information challenges, including talent management, fraud detection, insurance risk, social media analytics, traffic management, and healthcare analysis. Contact us to discuss your Big Data Information Analytics requirements.


Virtually every organization is suffering from a deluge of data. For most firms, data is increasing by over 100 percent every quarter. While some of this resides in structured databases, a vast majority exists in files, web streams, audio, video, email, social media conversations, mobile interactions, images, and other unstructured data formats.

Zenith provides customers with the ability to access and understand virtually all of their structured and unstructured information assets across their organisation, including databases, documents, audio, video and social media, in a large range of languages, including Arabic, without knowing exactly where the information exists. Enterprise search and knowledge management is different from web search, it requires secure access to multiple repositories, file formats, data, and content and needs to work across multiple user types.

Our advanced search solution uses multiple search models to help you significantly improve the speed, accuracy, and completeness of your search and is easy-to-use, adding the necessary human touch by allowing you to quickly find information based on concepts and context, yielding more relevant results.

  • Understand virtually all of your information with high-performance analytics: Over 500 analytical functions available for text, audio, video, and image
  • Derive actionable insights: Process data in near real time to ensure meaningful and up-to-date intelligence information
  • Maximize your information reach: Connect to over 400 systems with support for over 1000 file formats, so you can find all relevant information
  • Full system compatibility: Benefit from a cross-platform solution that supports all major operating systems.
  • Achieve big data scalability and security: Implementing technologies that have a track record of supporting the largest enterprises in volume of information, number of users, and frequency of transactions while adhering to strict security standards
  • Language independence: Leverage pattern-matching technology that is fundamentally language independent.

For large scale data set analysis Zenith leverages HP’s Vertica Analytics Platform, an affordable, limitlessly scalable analytics platform, that includes a DBMS architecture that scales with your data. It provides real-time query performance for hundreds of gigabytes of data to hundreds of terabytes of data and keeps up when end-user requirements change rapidly.

Benchmarks show that HP Vertica Analytics Platform can run 20-to-100 times faster than traditional DBMS and data warehouse appliances.

HP Vertica Analytics Platform runs on commodity hardware. And with a flexible pricing model Zenith customers can deploy large-scale query-intensive databases for a fraction of the cost of traditional data management solutions. If you have data warehouse or need to set one up for gaining a real time understanding of your terabytes of data contact Zenith to discuss your requirements.

  • Faster query performance
  • Store Data in significantly less table space
  • High performance and high availability
  • High efficiency with recovery by query
  • Massive scalability
  • Low cost of administration
  • Open architecture

Interpreting large data sets requires advanced visualization techniques. Zenith is able to leverage HP’s Big Data visualization and reporting tools in addition to Zenith’s in house platforms and open source tools to ensure your visualation of Big Data Analytics provides you with the understanding that you need.

Zenith also understand that different roles require different granularity of information, which is why Zenith can provide a full range of tools suitable to all roles within an organisation. From the largest data sets to the most focused questions, data visualization and reporting can be designed to meet your requirements.

  • Present countrywide datasets clearly
  • Integrate mapping capability for geo-located data
  • Avoid risks by performing what-if analysis
  • Filter results across disparate data sources
  • Use easy to understand visualization tools to explain to all users

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