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Zenith CEO Interviewed on world first
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Executive Biography

As Founder and CEO of Zenith, Russell Hammad leads a number of business interests, with an underwritten determination in innovation and entrepreneurship. Transcending continents from Melbourne, Australia, Hammad has established a distinguished presence in the GCC/ME marketplace over the last decade, particularly in the homeland security space. With an ethos of excellence in software and hardware niche disruptors and platform developments, Zenith has excelled in delivering world leading technologies in Law Enforcement, Traffic and servicing the Intelligence community.

Though Hammad’s competency and poised skill set spans diversified industries, his current and acute emphasis is in functional security platform research and developments, specializing in organic designs, with a keen interest in the confluence of the ever-fading divide in the physical and cyber security ecospheres. Zenith’s notable prowess is in the real-time collation and correlation of physical Meta data points, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Broadcast Monitoring, language-agnostic
live feeds.

A holder of several Intellectual Property registrations, including the prominent Zenith Intelligent Lightbar and the feted Media Monitoring System (MMS) – OSINT and Broadcast Monitoring platforms.

Hammad’s vision and strategic reach has cemented him as a thought leader in addressing the plethora of challenges as faced by regional Law Enforcement, Traffic and State Security apparatus.
With steadfast leadership and strategic credence, Hammad leads a team of highly competent subject matter experts at a regional and global capacity.
Academically, Hammad holds a BSc. (Computing), a Major in Linguistics and Culture – Monash and Melbourne Universities in Melbourne, Australia, respectively and an Executive MBA (Class of 2015) from the London Business School and Chair of the Student Association.



Founder, CEO - Zenith Group

CEO's Interview

Zenith CEO Interviewed on world first technology for Dubai Police

Zenith CEO, Mr Russell Hammad was invited to be interviewed on TV on UAE program Al Dafrah to discuss the Zenith Intelligent Lightbar.
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Corporate Overview

Founded in Melbourne, Australia and with a dual focus on Australasia and the Middle East region, Zenith works with governments, law enforcement agencies and private clients to integrate their security, Big Data and marketing requirements into meaningful solutions to enable advanced situational awareness, management and response capability.

Our customers face a challenging information environment where decision making relies on an ever growing range of information sources, both structured and un-structured. They require more than a traditional systems integrator, they require a company that can work across traditional security and IT platforms, manage their growing requirement for understanding and leveraging Big Data, integrate information from multiple systems and sources, and provide them with advanced Information Management platforms to effectively meet their complex strategic and organizational challenges.

At the core of our customer’s requirements is the need to have a solutions provider that has the ability to generate, understand, develop meaningful relationships across, and provide tools to manage, the ever growing array of structured and unstructured data available to them, including large online and offline data repositories, security and life safety systems, video analytics, Face and Licence Plate recognition, Broadcast and Social media, location and mapping data, email, video, audio, text and web pages.

Zenith is uniquely positioned to meet these requirements, being able to combine a deep understanding of our customer’s unique individual and regional requirements, with our partnerships with the world’s leading security and Big Data technology providers, along with our advanced in-house engineering and development capability enabling us to provide integrated and practical customised solutions.

Core Principles

Zenith is built on the following core principles:


Our customers require more than an out of the box solution, they require innovation. Zenith partners with the best in class providers for technology solutions and combines these technologies with our own in-house engineering capacity to create innovate solutions to meet your unique challenges. We see innovation sitting at the core of our solution development.


It may sound obvious but our solutions are designed to be effective – and to be effective they have to both deliver technically but also operationally, right down to the user interface and the training of your operators.


Our sales and engineering team are all highly-skilled and we invest in continual training and development to ensure your solutions are designed and implemented to the highest standards. We also invest time with our customers to truly understand their challenges and their operations before developing a solution – we aim to be experts in both our technology solutions and as far as possible, in our customer’s strategy and operations.


We view our relationships with customers and suppliers as partnerships. To develop an innovative and effective solution our team invests time up-front to truly understand your organisation and your challenges. We then work closely with our suppliers and you to develop the right solution for you and continue work closely during, and following the solution implementation.


No system stands alone. We understand the importance and complexity of integration across multiple systems and we deliver– it’s what we do best. It is common for our large customers to have multiple existing technologies installed require protocols, API's and software drivers to be created. Zenith’s in-house software engineering team can create these as needed.


We understand that your needs are unique and we apply the appropriate technology and integration to ensure that our solutions meet your specific strategic and operational requirements. Our range of highly customisable platforms combined with our in-house capability to develop hardware or software specifically for a solution provides us with a unique capability to deliver true customisation.


We understand that your requirements change over time and that technology advances. Through our partnership approach and commitment to excellence we aim to continually improve ourselves and the solutions we provide to our customers. If it can be done better we will do it.


We understand Big Data and we understand big systems. We design our solutions to be able to grow with your requirements and our technology partners platforms have been tested in the some of the largest security and surveillance applications in the world.


It’s something that we pride ourselves on and something that we deeply understand. We aim to support you and the solutions we provide technically and operationally. Set your expectations high and we will deliver.

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